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Here you can find the public outcomes of the EU-funded project SmartYourHome


Welcome to the online learning area of the SmartyourHome project!

Here you can learn, inform yourself and collect ideas on the topic of intelligent living (smart home). In addition, you will find an online course to train online tutors to mentor and support older learners in the online learning process. 
All the online learning materials on this topic were designed and realised together by five partners in the project. The learning materials are available in five languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. They are complemented by learning videos, which have also been translated into five languages.

The online learning area has been developed based on the wishes and needs of older learners.
To start learning, click on the flag of the country and take a look at everything.

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SmartyourHome is an international project, that is aided with funds by the European Comission within the Erasmus+ programme.  

The project aims to enable senior citizens to understand the characteristics and possibilities of digitalization using Smart Home concepts as an example and making active use of them. This should enable them to remain autonomous in their own homes for as long as possible.

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The online learning content consists of four modules and learning films. The modules in turn contain several learning units. Below you can get an idea of the contents. To do so, click on the respective course. If you want to find out more and start learning, click on the flag of the country and have a look at everything.
Module 1 - Smart Home Concept and Range of Smart Home Services
  • Unit 1 - What is a Smart Home?
  • Unit 2 - How can Smart Homes improve our lives? – Overview of Smart Home services
Module 2 - Smart Home Technologies and Linked Challenges
  • Unit 3 - Challenges linked with smart home technology
  • Unit 4 - PROs and CONs of smart home devices
You can watch explanatory videos on the most important topics and navigate interactively to a sub-topic in these films. To do this, a table of contents button is available next to the play/pause button. In this way, you can jump to the desired point in the video.
  • Unit 1 - Entertainment & Automation / Comfor
  • Unit 2 - Home SecurityUnit
  • Unit 3 - Energy Saving
  • Unit 4 - Health
  • Unit 1 - Home Assistant
  • Unit 2 - Adds-On
  • Unit 3 - Integration, Automation, and other functions
Every learning unit in this course begins with an overview about the specific topic. You then read about what you will learn and how it can be useful for your daily life. Then you get the actual learning materials. These are mostly texts, graphics and exercises for practicing your newly acquired skills.

The opened learning unit is divided into two areas:
  • the index on the left hand side
  • the page contents on the right hand side
The index gives you the tools to navigate through the chapters and subchapters. However, we recommend that you work systematically from chapter to chapter using the arrows to turn pages forwards and backwards.

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